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MyBrain is a company dedicated to furthering our understanding of the way our physical brain influences our behaviour; whether in our working or private lives.

The site contains a wealth of information; from the development of the brain to latest developments on brain-related illnesses.

We also run workshops, team building events and courses based around the fascinating subject of Brain Dominance. Alternatively, you might like to be trained as a MyBrain Practitioner so that you could use our tools and materials in your own coaching or training work.

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The Political Brain

Research prompted by an off-hand remark by actor Colin Firth has found that the brains of Conservatives are physically different to those of people who support the Labour Party.  More...


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Groupthink and the fear of standing alone

In the eyes of the law adults are individuals, capable of making their own decisions and responsible for their own actions. But evidence suggests that people in groups have the potential for becoming embroiled in a form of Group psychosis, where their actions and behaviour is directed more by the group than by themselves.  More...


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Yawning cools your brain

Yawning is a strange thing - we do it when we are tired or when we are bored; we even tend to do it simply because someone else has yawned. The biological explanation was that the purpose of yawning is to re-oxygenate our blood, but new research suggests that it may also serve to cool our brains.  More...