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MyBrain International are the creators of MiND,
the world's only neurometric profiling tool.

We provides tools and materials to enable professional trainers and coaches to use the subject of neuroscience in their work.

As a result of its neuroscientific foundations, MiND has become one of the most effective tools ever developed for improving the performance of individuals, teams and even whole organisations.

But don't take our word for it. Get in touch and ask us to prove that we can have a significant impact on your business or in your organisation.

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Carl Gustav Jung v Jungian Psychometrics

Ever since the development of the famous MBTI, numerous psychometric tools have been developed that claim to be 'Jungian'. But if Carl Jung were alive today, would he rejoice in the recognition that these instruments afford him or take them to court for defaming his good name?  More...


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Neurological Dominance and Recruitment

Is there a role for the subject of Neurological Dominance in recruitment? And if so, how should it be used? In this article Alistair Schofield explains how he has used the subject for this purpose in several organisations.  More...


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Empathy and the Myth of Mirror Neurons

Empathy is the ability to understand and know what another person is feeling - but how is that possible? In this article we look at the science behind empathy and in particular at the concept of a special class of brain cell that some scientists believe exists to create empathy  More...


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Sarcasm Increases Creativity

It is always wise to be a little bit sceptical of headlines that claim things such as "Chocolate is good for your brain", but recent headlines claiming that sarcasm aids creativity do appear to offer some scientific substance.