What we do

MyBrain International is a company dedicated to furthering the understanding of the way in which a person’s physical brain influences their every-day lives.

As part of our research we have also amassed a great deal of information on many related subjects; such as addiction, mental illnesses and alternative mental states, like synaesthesia and dyslexia.

Wherever we feel that the veracity of the information is good enough, we have presented our findings on the web site as we hope that the information will be of use, interest and benefit to others.

MyBrain International provides three services to our customers:

About Us
  • Practitioner training and support – We train individuals in the tools and materials necessary to enable them to run their own Neurological Dominance workshops and training interventions or to use the subject in their coaching work. More >>>
  • Neurological Dominance profiles – We supply feedback reports to individuals and MyBrain Practitioners on the Neurological Dominance of individuals and teams. More >>>
  • Seminars and speaking engagements – We speak widely at conferences, seminars and other events about the subject of Neurological Dominance and regularly run workshops for a wide variety of organisations.

To learn more about our products and services or to discuss your specific requirement email .