Benefits to trainers and coaches

Trainers and coaches benefit from the MyBrain tools, materials and services in the following ways:


  • Measuring difference – We all know that people are different, that they approach things in different ways and that these differences have a huge impact on the way they work and on their personal effectiveness. By including the MyBrain materials in your courses, you are not only able to discuss these differences, you are able to identify and measure them.
  • Personal feedback – For training to have an impact, people need to be able to translate the generic material into specific actions for themselves. Using the MyBrain tools and materials you are able to provide your delegates with personal information which will greatly assist them in relating their own views of the world to behavioural subjects such as communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity etc.
  • Easy to integrate – At MyBrain we go to great lengths to ensure that our tools and materials can be easily integrated with your training materials. In this way, your course remains focused on its objectives and our content does not come across as a digression into someone else’s material.


  • Branding – MyBrain Practitioners can optionally chose to have their own company’s branding and contact details displayed on items such as the on-line questionnaire, feedback reports and training materials. In this way your customer is never distracted by an additional brand.
  • It sells itself – In our experience, the subject of Neurological Dominance is the only thing we have come across in the training world that sells itself. Most of our Practitioners have found that once they run a course, they receive subsequent requests from other people within the organisation requesting that they run a similar course for them.


  • Support services – Our goal at MyBrain is to assist you in delivering effective and memorable training and we will do whatever we can to achieve this. Obviously the type of support we provide varies from person to person but as an illustration, in the past we have joined Practitioners on sales calls, authored training slides and materials to help integrate the MyBrain materials into different courses, provided marketing support or simply provided telephone guidance on unusual profile results.
  • Network membership – As a member of the Practitioner network you will be invited to occasional networking events and master classes where you will be able to discuss your work with fellow professionals and the MyBrain staff alike.