Become a MyBrain Practitioner

The Practitioner Programme is designed for trainers, coaches, HR professionals and anyone who would like to use the subject of neuroscience to improve the performance of individuals, teams or even whole organisations.

The subject is especially suited to being used in the following ways:

  • Team building – In our training work we have found that the subject of Neurological Dominance can turn a good team event into a great one. The reason is simple, by exploring different thinking styles you are helping the team members understand the value of diversity as well as highlighting how they can work together more effectively.

    To demonstrate the value of different thinking styles, MyBrain Practitioners also have access to a number of games and exercises that make workshops both fun and memorable.

  • Training courses – The subject of Neurological Dominance is highly effective when integrated as a module within most behavioural training programmes. For example, in subjects such as leadership, teamwork, negotiation, selling or communication, an understanding of the different ways in which people think can be very helpful. By using the MyBrain tools, you are not only discussing the fact that people think differently, but you are able to prove and demonstrate the fact.
  • Coaching – When working with any individual it is helpful to gain a good understanding what “makes them tick”. Unlike psychometric tools, which are based on a psychological model, MyBrain's MiND tool is a neurometric and based on a neurological model. It therefore looks at the physiological foundations of personality and often reveals things about the individual that they were not aware of.

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