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Learn - Learn about your brain, how it works and what happens if things go wrong.

What is Neurological Dominance? - Discover what Neurological Dominance is and what it can be used for.

The history of Neurological Dominance - The historic background to Neurological Dominance.

The different parts of the brain - Thinking preferences and the different parts of the brain

Nature or Nurture - Whether our brains are fixed from birth, or can they change over time?

Measuring Neurological Dominance - An explanation of how Neurological Dominance can be measured.

Applications of Neurological Dominance – Personal performance - How understanding Neurological Dominance can help improve your performance.

Applications of Neurological Dominance – Interpersonal relationships - How understanding Neurological Dominance can help improve the way you interact with other people.

Applications of Neurological Dominance – Teamwork - How an understanding of Neurological Dominance can help you improve the performance of a team.

A short history of brain research – 1st Century to 1872

A short history of brain research – 1900 to 1953

A short history of brain research – The 1950s

A short history of brain research – 1974 to present day


Introduction - What is Neurological Dominance?

Benefits of feedback - How people benefit from understanding the subject of Neurological Dominance.

Neurological Dominance and teams - How a knowledge of the subject of Neurological Dominance can improve the performance of teams.


Programme details - Content - Everything you need to run training courses and workshops..

Programme details - What do I get? - Details of materials you receive as part of the programme.

Programme details - Costs and location - Training can be delivered in-house or through one of our open programmes.

Benifits - To your delegates - Understanding the ways people think can be hugely beneficial.

Benifits - To you - How the Practitioner programme can benefit you professionally and financially.

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About us - Introduction - An overview of the MyBrain International company.

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