Applications of Neurological Dominance

Because the subject of Neurological Dominance relates to the very foundations of our personalities, it has numerous applications in the areas of personal performance, interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

Personal Performance

People generally find that the feedback they receive on their Neurological Dominance profile is extremely beneficial in helping them understand the reasons why they are the way they are. It helps explain their strengths, their preferences, the choices they make, and most important of all, it helps improve people’s self-confidence.

Take Angela as an example (not her real name). Angela works as a manager in a large organisation, she is good at her job, liked by her staff and highly regarded by her boss, but she was bored with her work and not feeling particularly fulfilled.

learning brain

When she received her Neurological Dominance feedback she was surprised by how high her score was in the cerebral right-brained quadrant – the part of the brain that processes information holistically, that considers the "big picture" and that is often creative. In conversation with Angela we discovered that in the past she had engaged in a number of relatively right-brained pastimes such as amateur dramatics and music. Since her children had been born she had given these up as she did not have sufficient free time.

Unfortunately for Angela, her work was predominantly left-brained and therefore she was not finding either the time or opportunities to apply her right-brain preferences.

Following a discussion of the feedback with her boss, he asked Angela to join an internal working-party looking at aspects of the organisation’s strategy and future direction.

Angela was delighted. Although the working party required her to work harder, she loved the work as it played to her right-brained strengths. Interestingly, because she was now using skills that were previously being left dormant, she found that she was enjoying the rest of her work more as well.

Following this experience, Angela has profiled the whole of her team and, as a result, they have reorganised the ways in which they tackle some of their tasks so that everyone can play to all of their strengths as much as possible.

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