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Did you know that this is Brain Awareness Week?

In 1990 President Bush declared the 90s would be the Decade of the Brain, with the objective being: "to enhance public awareness of the benefits to be derived from brain research" through "appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities." In support of that initiative The DANA Foundation launched Brain Awareness Week in the USA in 1996. Since then it has grown to become international with events and activities being run during one week each year all over the world.

Earlier this year MyBrain International was proud and privileged to have become a partner organisation of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives.

As part of our commitment to that partnership and to celebrate Brain Awareness Week, we are issuing new Brain Blogs every day this week, inviting people to a free seminar, giving a discount off MiND profiles and raising money for charity. See below for details:

  • Brain Awareness Week Blog Updates – There will be new items appearing on the Brain Blog every day this week. Join in the discussion by adding your own thoughts and contributions to the blog and to ensure that you do not miss any new entries, click here to add your email address to the blog notification service.
  • Free Seminar: "The Brain at Work" – The seminar will take place on the 23rd April from 9:30~14:00 in central London and is open to senior managers who are interested in using the subject of neuroscience to improve the performance of their team or organisation, and training professionals who are interested in using the subject within their work. If you would like to attend but do not meet this criteria please contact us by email as you would be welcome if there are spaces available. Click here to book or here to contact us by email.

Could Facebook be a risk to your mental health?

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Is "Baby Brain" all in the mind?

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Recommended Reading

There are numerous books on the brain ranging from children's guides complex texts aimed at research scientists. In this section of the website we tread a middle ground by suggesting books that are both informative and readable.  More...

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