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Over-loaded brains and shorter attention-spans

over-loaded brain

Did you know that most people in the UK will be exposed to more information in a week than an average person living in the 18th Century would have received in a life-time?

In our media-rich, 7x24 society our brains are bombarded with more information than at any time in history. The question is whether all this data is beneficial, in stimulating our brains, or detrimental, by causing constant distractions and shortening our attention-span? It would appear that currently the jury is out.

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Anxiety, fear and safety


It is amazing how often solutions to problems exist in the most unlikely of places. In the case of anxiety disorders, medical research has traditionally concentrated on the neural circuits that alert us to danger - as it is our fears that cause us to feel anxious.

However, in a break-through piece of lateral thinking, two researchers decided to investigate the neural circuits that give us a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Not only might their findings help in the treatment of anxiety, but they may also assist in the areas of substance abuse and addiction.

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Good News for Pregnant Women

Once again scientists have managed to find sound scientific reasons to justify the eating what you want!


"Bacon and eggs madam?"

"Yes, they're for my baby's brain". Read...

Why Resolutions are Tempting Fate

Did you know that the best way to stop doing something is to stop thinking about it. Funny then that the mere act of making a resolution makes you think about whatever it is even more. Read...

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