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Eyes in the back of your head

Seeing brain

Have you ever wondered how you see?

Ask this question to most people and they will begin, quite reasonably, by describing how the eyes act like the lenses of a camera, collecting information that is then passed to the brain. But if the eyes are so important, why is it that people often "see" vivid images in their dreams, even though their eyes are closed, or recall the appearance of an object just by thinking about it?

The reason is that seeing is a function both of the eyes and of the brain - the eyes collect new information while the brain is responsible for recalling past knowledge and experiences from memory.

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Sleeping your way to the top


We all know that with too little sleep we can become irritable, short-tempered and even depressed, that our reaction times become slower and, if we are sufficiently tired, we can act as though we are drunk, with slurred speech and an inability to form coherent sentences.

How much sleep a person needs varies from individual to individual. Margaret Thatcher famously claimed that she only need 3 hours sleep each night, whereas most people say they need much more. But how much sleep do you really need to enable you to perform at your best? And is it possible to have too much sleep as well as too little?

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Smart women have better sex

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