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The Political Brain

Political Brain

Have you ever watched a political debate and wondered why people from the left and right have such deeply contrasting ideas as to how to solve common problems?

In considering why this might be the case, actor Colin Firth speculated that the brains of left- and right-wing politicians might be physically different. Although it was only intended as a throw-away comment, the neuroscientist Professor Geraint Rees of University College London decided to investigate further.

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Brain Fitness and "Cognitive Reserve"

Although a medical can measures a person's fitness and assess their likelihood of developing a wide variety of illnesses, no medical has yet been devised that will assess the health of a person's brain.

However, recent research into the subject of "cognitive reserve" suggests that this may now be possible. It may also soon be possible for doctors to prescribe a fitness programme for your brain as well as for your body.

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Cognitive Reserve

ADHD and the Daydreaming Switch

New research suggests that the reason why sufferers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome find it difficult to concentrate is because that are unable to "switch off" the brain's daydreaming mode.   More...

Disrupting Harmful Memories

Scientists have discovered that playing Tetris after viewing traumatic images can lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. But what lessons can the rest of us take from this important finding?   More..

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