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Neurological Dominance and Recruitment

People often ask whether the subject of Neurological Dominance in general and the MiND tool in particular can be used in recruitment?

In this short article, Alistair Schofield explains how the subject can be used, not as a test, but as a means of providing a language for defining and discussing aspects of a job that are otherwise frequently overlooked.

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Selective Hearing

And finally, the news you've all been waiting for - it turns out that there is a medical reason why we sometimes don't hear the important things that our husbands or wives tell us.

However, be very careful in how you use this information as we only 'tune out' sounds that we regard as irrelevant background noise.

But on a more serious note, this research provides further evidence that, to enable us to concentrate on one thing, the brain will filter out other information that might otherwise serve as a distraction.

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Unable to recognise a face

Most of us take face recognition for granted, but what would life be like if you couldn't recognise people by their faces and how would you cope?  More...

Switching off fear

Scientists have identified an area in the brain that appears to be responsible for our sense of fear and anxiety. More importantly, they appear to have found a way of switching on and off.  More..

Mother hen

It has long since been thought that empathy is a 'higher order' trait only found in humans. Now researchers at the University of Bristol have found that it is more common than first thought.  More..

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