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Groupthink and the fear of standing alone

In the eyes of the law adults are individuals, capable of making our own decisions and responsible for our own actions. But evidence ranging from football hooliganism to the recent London riots suggests that people in groups have the potential for becoming embroiled in a form of group psychosis, where their actions and behaviour is directed more by the group than by themselves.

This articles looks at the neurological evidence for this phenomenon.

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Yawning cools your brain

Yawning is a strange thing - we do it when we are tired or when we are bored; people also tend to do it simply because someone else has yawned.

The reason why we yawn is not fully understood. For a long time it was thought that high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood caused us to yawn because of a need for an influx of oxygen, but recent studies have shown that yawning does not in fact increase oxygen intake over normal breathing.

However, new research may have found the answer - that the purpose of yawning is to cool our brains.

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Why chimps can't talk

It is strange, given their advanced capabilities and the similarities between their brains and those of early humans, that chimpanzees can't talk? But now scientists think they have found the reason why.  More...

Not tonight dear

Most of the so-called "libido" drugs work to increase the flow of blood to the sexual organs. But now scientists are conducting trials of a drug that targets the brains of women. Are they brave or foolish?  More..

Book review: Still Alice

"Still Alice" provides a brilliant insight into the the life of a person diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Although fictional, it is endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association and is well worth reading.  More..

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