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Sarcasm Increases Creativity

It is always wise to be a little bit skeptical of headlines that claim things such as "Chocolate is good for your brain", but recent headlines claiming that sarcasm aids creativity do appear to offer some scientific substance.

In one study, researchers appear to have found a region of the brain that is active in passing messages between brain regions when someone is hearing or making sarcastic comments, while another appears to have demonstrated that sarcasm can increase creativity - who'd have thought?


We've been busy!

In October MyBrain International delivered a keynote speech at the Maltese Foundation for Human Resources Development conference. The talk was entitled "The Working Brain: How Neuroscience Can Improve Employee Engagement".

It is a subject extremely close to our hearts as neuroscience is now able to prove what many of us have been saying for some time - namely, that if companies wish to compete effectively on the world stage, they need to move away from the past approaches to recruitment, staff appraisal and staff motivation and reward.

If this is a subject of interest to you please do get in touch as we would be delighted to share our research and knowledge in this area.

In November MyBrain hosted an extremely busy stand at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition.

The buzz around the subject of neuroscience is certainly gathering pace. During the the two days of the conference we spoke to more than 300 people about the impact neuroscience can have in both employee engagement and organisational effetiveness. We are now fully occupied posting out free MiND profiles to all the people curious enough to find out what neurometrics is all about.

If you missed the conference we will be exhibiting at the Learning and Skills conference at Olympia next February and at the CIPD Learning & Development Show in May. Alternatively, why not come along to one of our free seminars? Click here for more information.


The Brain Body Connection

Genuinely ground-breaking advances in any scientific discipline are rare, but in 2014 once such advance was achieved in neuroscience that could help in the search for medicines to combat brain degenerative illnesses.

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