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Carl Gustav Jung v Jungian Psychometrics

Ever since the development of the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, numerous psychometric tools have been developed that claim to assist organisations in a range of areas, from learning and development to aptitude testing and recruitment.

Most seek to improve their credibility by claiming to be based on the work of the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. But if Jung were alive today, would he be flattered that so many of these instruments claim to be 'Jungian', or would he see them as a gross misinterpretation of his work?

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Speaking Engagements

During the last few weeks it has been our privilege to deliver a number of presentations on the impact neuroscience is having on organisational effectiveness.

These engagements have included workshops for the education charity Teaching Leaders, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and on the 1st September we were honoured to be invited to deliver the opening keynote presentation at the prestigious Asia Pacific HRM Congress in Bangalore.


Attend a MyBrain Seminar

MyBrain International currently have places available at a free half-day seminar entitled "A Whole New MiND" on Monday 24th October in central London.

The seminar will provide a fascinating insight into the ways in which neuroscientific knowledge is providing radical new insights into areas as diverse as recruitment, leadership and employee engagement.

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How your synaptic network develops

Have a look at this brilliantly simple explanation of the way in which your synaptic network develops.

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Book - Do No Harm, Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery

A candid insight into the life and work of practicing neurosurgeon. The book has won numerous awards and is well worth reading for anyone with an interest in the subject. More...

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