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How stories engage our brains

Human thoughts and emotions work through the connection of multiple cells and regions in the brain. When our thoughts are similar to those of another person, it is because similar regions 'light up' in both people's brains. Achieving alignment in this way can be very valuable, and recent research suggests story-telling can help achieve that alignment. Click on the title to read the article.

Out and About With MyBrain

Apart from our regular training programmes, the last few months have seen MyBrain get involved in a wide variety of activities; from conferences in India to forums discussing the neuroscientific implications of modern work practices. Click on the title to learn more.

On the 10-11 May we will be exhibiting at the CIPD Learning & Skills Show in London. If you are attending the exhibition come and visit us on stand 511, we'd be delighted to see you.

Be grateful for everything

There is a saying that suggests we should all be grateful for small mercies. Now neuroscientists have discovered evidence of biological reasons why the saying is true.

Recommended Reading

Most neuroscientific literature is written for the benefit of other neuroscientists, which tends to make it very difficult for non-scientists to follow and understand. The Brain, by David Eagleman, is different. It is an extremely easy read that provides an excellent insight into the working of the most complex thing known to mankind.

Click on the heading to read the full review.

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