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Interview with MyBrain Practitioner Anupama Vaidya

People often ask us about the work of our Practitioners so, rather than answer the question ourselves, we are running a series of interviews over the next few newsletters, so you can gain an insight into their applications of neuroscience.


In this initial interview, Anupama Vaidya from Mumbai speaks about the reasons why she became a MyBrain Practitioner and her experince of using the instrument with her clients in India.

Take a break, even if you only have two minutes

When time is short and we have a lot to do, human nature is such that we often feel it best to knuckle-down and stick at the task in hand until it is finished. Recent research however, suggests that taking regular breaks may actually help us get the task done faster and better.

The Limitations of Brain Scanning Technology

It is often said that 'a picture tells a thousand words'. While this is undoubtably true, it is also true that pictures can fool us into believing all sorts of things, simply because we tend to believe what we see.


Nowhere is this more true than in the world of brain scans. Pictures from fMRI scanning machines are popping up all over the place, with the implication being that they provide the proof for whatever it is that is being claimed. But how reliable is this evidence?

Forthcoming events

During the next few months we have the following events:

15 February, MyBrain will be speaking at and chairing the Learning and Development Congress in Mumbai.

22 February, Practitioner accreditation programme, Mumbai

26 February, Practitioner accreditation programme, Dubai

25 April, Practitioner accreditation programme, Malta

15 May, Practitioner accreditation programme, London

12 June, Practitioner accreditation programme, London

Become a MyBrain Practitioner

Would you like to use neuroscience to help your own team or organisation become more effective? If so, click here to learn more about the MyBrain Practitioner programme or call +44 (0)1462 790444 during UK office hours.


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