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Stress, cortisol and your brain

Our body's fight or flight response is designed to save us in an emergency, but the same processes and chemicals that are designed to help us can, in other circumstances, do more harm than good.


In this article we look at the damage that stress can cause and the steps we can take to limit the damage.


Interview with MyBrain Practitioner Shekhar Manelkar

We first met Shekhar at a conference when he was a senior HR manager in a multinational company. He already had an interest in neuroscience and had read widely on the subject, but was looking for a practical means by which he could utilise the subject within his own work.


Now working in his own consultancy practice, Shekhar regularly uses the MiND Instrument in his work with both teams and individuals.

Breaking your habits

Recent research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that some of the brain's processes, once initiated, run through their complete cycle automatically.


While this research provides an insight into why habits are so difficult to break, it also provides a guide to what steps might be the most helpful if you wish to break a habit.


Applied Neuroscience for People Development

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