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Empathy and expression - an amazing finding!

Have you ever yawned after seeing a friend yawn, even though you were not feeling tired; or found yourself laughing because the people around you are laughing, even though you are not sure what they are laughing at?

The reason this happens is because your brain contain special cells called "mirror neurons" which cause us to mimic the actions of other people.

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"The Brain At Work" seminar

Would you like to find out how the subject of neuroscience could be used to help improve the performance of your organisation? If so, you would be more than welcome to join us at our free half-day seminar in central London on the morning of the 10th December.

The seminar will cover the following subject areas:

The Meeting House


Introduction to the Brain - A fascinating insight into how and why your brain can trick you into perceiving things differently to the way they actually are.


Brain Dominance - The way in which a person's physical brain forms the foundations of their personality in a process known as "Brain Dominance".


The Brain at Work - An explanation of the way in which the subject of Brain Dominance can be used to improve the effectiveness of individuals, teams and even whole organisations.


Your Brain Dominance Profile - Attendees at the seminar will be given the chance to discover their own Brain Dominance profile free of charge. The feedback report pack will be provided to them at the seminar.

The seminar will begin at 9:30 with coffee served from 9:00. It will end at 2:00 following a buffet lunch.

Please note that places are limited to a maximum of two people from any one organisation and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

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No more counting sheep!

Until recently people suffering from insomnia had just two options; take pills or count sheep. Now a lady called Kate Evans has come up with an alternative - the LightSleeper.

Can your personality change?

The suppliers of many personality testing tools claim that a person's "type" is inborn and unchanging. But recent neurological findings suggest that this is not the case and that the brain is continually "rewiring" itself.


Book - The Gift of Dyslexia

A brilliant insight into dyslexia. In this excellent book, Ron Davis explains what it is like to be dyslexic and explains some of the techniques he uses to help people overcome some of the difficulties the conditions creates. More...

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